25th July 2024
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MPs summon Makuei over radio, TV performance

Author: Obaj Okuj | Published: July 19, 2019

The Minister of Information, Telecommunication and Postal Services, Michael Makuei Lueth speaks to Eye Radio at J1 on July 9, 2019 | Credit | Joakino Francis/Eye Radio

A specialized committee at the national parliament has summoned the minister of information to answer questions regarding the performance of the institutions under his ministry.

The institutions include the information commission, media authority, the national communications authority, postal services, and the South Sudan Broadcast Cooperation – both radio and television.

This comes after the committee for information in the TNLA discussed the budget projection for the ministry of information.

Honorable Paul Yoane told Eye Radio that the members will also learn about the performance of the ministry, and why SSBC TV and radio do not broadcast 24/7.

“We believe that through that budget, the minister of information will be able to deliver the best in terms of the information commission, in terms of the media authority, in terms of the national communications authority, in terms of post services and in terms of South Sudan Broadcast Cooperation both radio and television,” said Honorable Paul Yoane.

He said the MPs are expected to ask the minister to explain why both T.V and radio coverage does not reach all the states.

According to the chairman of the information committee, the minister is expected to appear before the specialized committee next week.

“We have agreed that the minister information, communication, technology, and postal services and technocrats from the ministry appear before the committee either on Tuesday or Wednesday for us to look into the budget holistically,” he added.

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