24th July 2024
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Monyimiji youths recover 3 children from abductors in Lirya

Author: Elshiekh Chol Ajeing | Published: Sunday, July 7, 2024

Crime barricade tape. | Courtesy.

One abductor was shot dead and three children were recovered in Lirya Payam of Juba County on Saturday during fighting between armed youth commonly known as Monyimiji and suspected perpetrators, a local leader said.

Lirya Payam Executive Director Christopher Sebit said the armed elements abducted the three children in the Loungwai village east of Lirya.

Sebit narrated that as the abductors tried to flee with the children, they were intercepted by the youth from the area.

This led to gun battle where one abductor was killed and another injured from the side of alleged abductors.

Mr. Sebit confirmed, in an interview with Eye Radio, that three children are safely reunited with their families.

“These are the usual child abductors. They came to the east of Lirya and went from there to the neighboring village of Lowai where they abducted three children,” he said.

“So when they were returning, they were intercepted by the Monyomiji of Liriya. They clashed with Monyomiji who managed to kill one of them and injured others and recovered the three children.”

In recent years, child abduction was widespread in Lirya Payam east of Central Equatoria State.

In 2017, the Local Government Administrator, revealed that at least 115 children have been abducted from Lirya, Lokiliri and Lowoi areas of Central Equatoria between 1989 and that period.

The research also revealed that at least 36 people were killed by abductors as they attempted to kidnap children.

The study had focused on the Impact of Child Abduction on Behavioral Attitude, Resilience, Security and Economy at Lulubo and Lokoya areas of Jubek State.

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan said in a report early this year that there are increasing cases of abduction and human trafficking in several states including Jonglei State and Pibor Administrative Area.

The commission said it has documented cases of abduction and shocking stories of trafficking involving armed groups and members of the armed force.

Meanwhile, Lirya payam director urged the state and national governments to take action against the rampant child abduction affecting the region.

“Our government should really be very serious about these kind of incidents because this kind of abduction has been going on in the area for a long time now,” he lamented.

“The government should take action against it. Particularly in our area, people want to be free from child abduction. This is the message I’m giving to the government.”

“Take this, this time the government, be very serious. We still have enough for children under captivity, so those children need to be recovered also.”

In January 2023, the UN children agency – UNICEF condemned the abductions and atrocities against 65 children and women from Greater Pibor Administrative Area by armed youth from Jonglei State.

In a press statement, UNICEF indicated that there were incidents of rape, sexual violence, physical beatings and gross deprivations during the violence in Pibor.









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