25th June 2022
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Makuei threatens FM stations over ‘filthy ideas’

Author : Hellen Achayo | Published: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Minister of Information has warned Eye Radio and Radio Miraya against broadcasting live call-in programs.

Michael Makuei says the programs are unacceptable.

He called on all the radio stations to pre-record programs that are discussing critical issues.

“I have been telling you that these direct on-air programs are not acceptable,” Mr Makuei staged.

“This is where you allow anybody to come and say his rubbish and pass these filthy ideas to the public and you will not be in the position to control it.

“I have been telling you that, I don’t want such programs. Record your programs if you want.

“Some of these FM radio stations were set up for specific objectives. You have abandoned those objectives and you have moved to a different field altogether. We will check all your documents.”

The media houses say it is their role to provide a platform for people share views in their programs.

“The media law is now in operational after the establishment of the media authority, the only body in the country that is legally authorized to regulate media,” said Koang Pal Chang, Station Manager for Eye Radio.

“So the government should know that it is the role of media to provide a platform where citizens are allowed to give different viewpoints as long as the topic is in the interest of the public.”

Meanwhile, the UN mission in the country, which runs Radio Miraya, says it is not changing the nature of its programs.

“We haven’t heard any official request to stop our programs and there is no reason why we should stop our program,” Arriane Quentier, mission’s spokesperson, told Eye Radio.

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