13th June 2024
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Kiir reconstitutes Western Equatoria State gov’t

Author: Charles Wote | Published: Friday, February 26, 2021

File: President Salva Kiir | Credit | Presidential Press Unit

President Salva Kiir has reconstituted the cabinet of Western Equatoria State by appointing 13 women among the 62 representatives of various parties to the revitalized peace agreement.

In a decree read on the state-own SSBC television last evening, Kiir appointed 17 State Ministers, 5 Advisors to Governor Alfred Futuyo Karaba, and 10 County Commissioners.

He also appointed 30 officials of the States’ Independent Commissions.

Among the six reconstituted state governments, Western Equatoria State has the highest number of women appointed in various positions.

There were four women appointed ministers, two county commissioners, and seven heads of independent commissions.

They are Anne Felix Bayego for the State Ministry of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Tourism (SPLM ITGoNU); Anna Tuna for Roads and Bridges (SPLM ITGoNU), Grace Apollo Musa for General Education and Instruction (SPLM ITGoNU), and Anigude Cicilia for Gender, Child and Social Welfare (SPLM IO).

Others include Jackcilia Ebere of SSOA who is to head the Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Commission.

Zerufa Dawa Justin was named as the Commissioner of Mundri West County under the SSOA ticket and Margret Fozia Emmanuel for Commissioner of Mundri East County, SPLM ITGoNU.

The appointees are representatives of the main SPLM party of the former Interim Transitional Government of National Unity, South Sudan Opposition Alliance, SPLM-IO, Other Political Parties, and the National Agenda, a partner to the former Interim Transitional Government of National Unity.

Full list of appointees


Angelo Mboringba Bakote – Peace and Security, SPLM ITGoNU

Paul Tambua Eluwa – Economic Affairs, SPLM ITGoNU

Ezra Minambori – Legal Affairs, SPLM-IO

Victor James Ndukpo – Human Rights, National Agenda (ITGoNU)

Charles John Badi – Gender, Child and Social Welfare, SSOA


John Boroyo – Cabinet Affairs, SPLM-IO

Richard Elia Box – Local Government and Law Enforcement, SPLM ITGoNU

Christopher Benjamin Moses – Peace Building, SSOA

John Ada Wilson – Parliamentary and Legal Affairs, SPLM ITGoNU

William Adriano Baika – Information and Communication, SPLA IO

James Bakoyogo Severino – Culture, Youth and Sports, SPLM ITGoNU

Isaac Murusa Timon – Finance, Planning and Investment, SPLA IO

Eddy Ukele Gumasi – Trade and Industry, SSOA

Alison Barnaba – Agriculture, Environment and Forestry, SPLM ITGoNU

Anne Felix Bayego – Animal Resources, Fisheries and Tourism, SPLM ITGONU

Samuel John Basiame – Cooperatives and Rural Development, National Agenda (ITGoNU)

Simon Peter Sarawasi – Housing, Land and Public Utilities SPLM ITGoNU

Anna Tuna – Roads and Bridges, SPLM ITGoNU

Makuku DJ Sam – Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development, SPLM IO

James Adu Votoki – Health, ITGoNU

Grace Apollo Musa – General Education and Instruction, SPLM ITGoNU

Anigude Cicilia – Gender, Child and Social Welfare, SPLM IO


Anti-Corruption Commission

Victor Abiuda Malesh – Chairperson, SPLM IO

Ismail Fattal Abdallah – Deputy, SPLM ITGoNU

Abdu Abdallah Muhammed Sally – Member, SSOA

Augusto Baraka Alex – Member, SPLM ITGoNU

Roda Sebit Kamino – Member, National Agenda (ITGoNU)

Employee Justice Chamber

James Abdallah Arama – Chairperson, SPLM ITGoNU

Wilson Atilio Valente – Deputy, SPLA IO

Johnson Monday Fraser – Member, SSOA

Peter Ngaranyasi – Member, SPLM ITGoNU

Mathew Anikumbo Aime – Member, SPLM ITGoNU

HIV/AIDS Commission

January John Sebit – Chairperson, SPLA IO

Kenyi Felix Hennery – Deputy, SPLM ITGoNU

Monica Andrew – Member, SSOA

Santino David Ngambu – Member SPLM ITGoNU

Elizabeth Sungu Dominic Dabi – Member, SPLM ITGoNU

Relief and Rehabilitation Commission

Joseph Salvatore Nzaku – Chairperson, SPLM ITGoNU

Thomas Aringa Paul – Deputy, SSOA

Elizabeth Richard Naboro – Member, SPLM IO

Denis Mamboro Arkangero – Member, National Agenda, ITGoNU

Jerome Kazimilio Kumba – Member, SPLM ITGoNU

 Human Rights Commission

Eliakima Noti – Chairperson, SPLM ITGoNU

Amos Morris Yerubama – Deputy, SPLM IO

Samuel John Kirima – Member, SSOA

Magdalene Dominic Kassiano – Member, SPLM ITGoNU

Joseph Debit Dien – Member, SPLM ITGoNU

Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Commission

Jackcilia Ebere – Chairperson, SSOA

Moses Gaaniko Joseph – Deputy, DC ITGoNU

Isaiah Moses Atoroba – Member, SPLM IO

Jenifer Azaria Karim – Member, National Agenda ITGoNU

Peter Benjamin Bazia – Member, SPLM ITGoNU


Hussein Enoka – Yambio County, SPLM ITGoNU

Zizi Richard Paulino Bugwa – Nzara County, SPLM IO

Elisama Charles – Ibba County, OPP (Other four parties)

Charles Abel Sudani – Ezo County, SPLM ITGoNU

Simon Siri Alfred – Maridi County, SPLM ITGoNU

Mathew Edward Mabenge – Tombura County, SPLM ITGoNU

John Komodi – Mvolo County, SPLA IO

Zerufa Dawa Justin – Mundri West County, SSOA

Margret Fozia Emmanuel – Mundri East County, SPLM ITGoNU

Gabriel Nvoro Fernando – Nagero County, SPLM IO.

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