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Khartoum interrogates Meriam over ‘forged’ document

Author : | Published: Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Sudanese woman who was freed from death row has been accused of forging official documents to leave the country.

Meriam Ibrahim’s lawyer has told the B-B-C that she was detained on Tuesday, a day after a court released her.

Early today, the Sudanese government said Meriam Yahya Ibrahim was still under investigation over a forged emergency travel document she acquired from South Sudan Embassy in Khartoum.

Dr. Mariam Yahiya who is married to a South Sudanese, was sentenced to death by Sudanese court for abandoning her Islamic faith.

The death penalty was overturned by the appeal court on Monday.

Yesterday Mariam Ibrahim was re-arrested by the Sudanese authorities at Khartoum International Airport along with her husband and two children.

They were trying to board the plane to travel to the United States.

Dr Abdullatti said Merriam was arrested by airport immigration officers because she did not have valid travel documents.

He said she presented an emergency travel document issued by South Sudan embassy in Khartoum, which had a US visa stamped on it.

Reuters news agency reports that South Sudanese Ambassador and the U.S Ambassador in Khartoum were summoned by Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for questioning.

The report said they were accused by Sudanese authorities of assisting Meriam to leave Khartoum.

In response in other media, South Sudan’s embassy in Khartoum says the travel documents are genuine.

Her husband Daniel Wani, is a Christian, originally from South Sudan.

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