28th May 2023
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Juba Mayor pleads with residents to stop open urination

Author: Chany Nirew | Published: Monday, February 21, 2022

Juba Mayor is appealing to the city residents to observe proper hygiene and stop random peeing in the streets.

Michael Ladu Allah-jabu made the comment after a series of photos trending on social media showed people urinating against walls and fences as well as other structures in the city.

“No one would really do this if they are matured enough in mind and this one needs to be resolved,” he said.

Allah-jabu said the city council authorities are planning to erect more public washrooms to help stop the practice.

“This is just an abnormal issue, it is always happening, but can be contain easily once the city is getting developed like to erect public toilets, and then to see that no one urinates on the walls”.

Allah-jabu appealed the pubic to properly dispose human wastes saying “We may just advise that people need to respect themselves and then see if there is a space that they can hide themselves for a while, adding that “only few people who don’t respect themselves”.

He went on say “it is better when you ask any neighbor when you are passing by in order to contain yourself.”

He however, downplayed the significance of the issue, saying it is a cultural practice that will fade away with time.

Mayo Alla-jabu is currently in Nairobi, Kenya on a tour to study best practices of developing city infrastructures.

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