29th September 2023
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Fresh violence in Fashoda County displaces thousands – offical

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: Monday, October 10, 2022

Internally Displaced Persons gathered for relief registration in Panyikang County, Upper Nile State. | Photo: Courtesy.

Thousands of civilians have fled their homes following an attack on Fashoda County in Upper Nile State on Saturday, a local official said.

Fashoda Commissioner Joseph Aban alleged that the attackers are militias loyal to leader of the Kitgwang faction, General Simon Gatwech.

“One of the groups who were been fighting Panyikang County recently appeared in here in our border last morning then the civilian left their house after this group clashed briefly with youth before they advanced,” he said.

Aban said the armed men were reportedly involved in the recent clashes in Panyikang County.

He said the same armed group have caused insecurity in several villages including Bodh, Nyigir Pabor, Pathow, and Padid.

“As I speak to you now, all the civilians in the county left their houses because they are fearing from the ongoing situation. As I speak they (attackers) are in an area called Pakir in Nyikir they are looting people properties livestock, and shooting on people,” he said while speaking to Eye Radio from Kodok, the headquarters of Fashoda County.

The commissioner accused government forces for having turned a blind eye on the situation, saying the attack happened under their watch.

“Up to the government forces are in their barracks nobody has turned up, they have no order to respond to the situation, they are in their barracks, and I have just talked to their commander here in the county he said the orders they just to be ready in their position and not to respond or fight.”

When contacted, SSPDF Spokesperson, Major General Lul Ruai said the areas under attack, are not under the government’s control.

He said protecting the civilians is the primary responsibilities of the fighting factions in the region.

“The areas where the clash have been taking place are not under our command, they are either under the command of the Kit-gwang factions under the command of General Simon Gatwech or Aguelek faction under the command of General Johnson Olony,” Lul said on Monday.

“If there is any fighting in the area then they should be responsible for taking care of the civilian in areas under their control, including his majesty the king of the collo kingdom. Take it from me, we take care of civilian and their properties when the area under our control.”


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