15th June 2024
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Finance minister decries tax evasion by private companies

Author: Emmanuel J. Akile | Published: Thursday, January 11, 2024

Dr. Baak Barnaba Chol, the new Minister of Finance and Planning speaks in Juba. (Photo: Obaj Okuj)

The National Minister of Finance and Planning Dr. Bak Barnaba Chol on Wednesday decried tax evasion by private entities, a situation that he said could negatively affect infrastructural development.

Dr. Bak Barnaba Chol said companies evading taxes are operating in the oil sector, road construction and aviation industry as well as hotels and commercial banks.

He said the failure to pay tax is contributing to the slow development of the infrastructure sector in the country.

Dr. Bak blasted individuals blaming his ministry for not availing enough funds for road construction, when, according to him, the institution has limited resources as a result of some companies’ refusal to pay taxes.

“Development is very much expensive. People are so quick to blame Minister of Finance, but believe me even these contractors, if we check their books, their contribution in the payment of taxes will not be as expected,” he said.

Dr. Bak was speaking at the launch of the Juba Urban Roads upgrading project along the Gudele-Rock City Road in Juba on Wednesday.

“So, if road contractors are not paying taxes, if hotels are not paying taxes, if aviation industry are not paying enough taxes, if oil companies are not paying enough taxes, if all the banks and all the business community are not paying taxes, where do you think I can get money to pay for roads?”

“I want everybody to pay taxes so that we can be able to channel this money for development. I want to receive all your taxes this is so much important.”

Taxes form an important part of the government revenue as they provide for country’s financial expenditure like road constructions, and paying off debts, and paying civil servants and essential services?

A tax is a mandatory obligation imposed on the citizens and businesses by the government to fund various public expenditures.

Inability to pay, as well as avoidance or resistance to tax assessment, is a criminal offense in many countries.




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