23rd May 2024
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Bangladeshi ‘flag girl’ visits South Sudan

Author: Yar Ajak | Published: Friday, August 20, 2021

Najmun Nahar Shahogi arrived in Juba 17th August, 2021 to promote peace and humanity - credit | Yar Ajak | Eye Radio | August 18, 2021

The first ever Muslim and Bangladeshi woman globe trotter has visited South Sudan to promote peace and humanity.

Najmun Nahar Shahogi has visited over 146 countries and South Sudan becomes her 147th country to travel in the word.

She started travelling in 2000 when she was a 19 year old teenager and up to date she’s still on a mission of accomplishing her dream of travelling the whole world.

Najmun is a solo traveler and she sponsors all her trips through hard work and dedication.

She dedicates her time working tirelessly to make savings to cover her travel expenses and accommodations in different countries of the world.

Indian was the first country she travelled and so far she has travelled 46 African countries and Ethiopia was her first African country.

She has also travelled to other African countries like Cameroon, Burundi, Mozambique, Guinea, and South Africa among others.

Najmun got her inspiration of travelling from her grandfather who also travelled the world by means of road around 1929-1931, though difficult her grandfather loved travelling and she leant from his strategy.

She also got inspired through reading travel books that her father brought to her when she was still young, she learnt so much about travelling and she always wanted to travel the world and see the world.

“I learnt from my journeys, I learned about different cultures, history, nature, the uniqueness of each country and I enjoy everything “she said.

She believes that the world is her home and for her to achieve her dream, she has to travel the world.

Having travelled the world, challenges are part of the journey, she embraces the challenges with so much positivity and overcomes her fear.

Najmun has faced numerous challenges that almost brought her life to an end but that did not stop her.

“Fear stops us, I believe nothing can stop me to become a citizen of the world, I just put it in my heart and mind. Even though I feel like I can die anywhere in the world, that cannot stop me from travelling.” Najmun said

Despite these devastating challenges, she takes her experience as a great message to young men and women of the world not to give up on their dreams even though they are faced with challenges alone.

Through her struggles, she has seen the beauty of the world and she carries with her a message of peace to the world.

As women across the word steps out of their comfort zone, her story brings more light to women’s independence and empowerment.

Najmun wants her journey to inspire women in the world that they can achieve their dreams and that women can travel the world without having to depend on anyone for their success.

Through the COVID pandemic, travelling has become expensive and Najmun hopes she can get someone to sponsor her next trips as she hopes to fulfill her dreams.

Her dream is to accomplish the mission of traveling the world in the next two years should everything go well with her.

Giving her comments on South Sudan, she hopes to meet and interact with different individuals or groups, she hopes to learn more about our culture, she also hopes to take a cruise at the Nile River and travel most parts of the country and learn the history of South Sudan.

She also recommended the government and business personnel in South Sudan to build hostels and accommodation for travelers that are pocket friendly at least $15-$30 dollars per day. In her words” this will attract more people that are travelling on a budget”

The flag girl says travel teaches her confidence, independence and freedom. “Travel shows me that I can navigate a foreign country, make new friends, and overcome difficult situations.”

“The best way to move forward and succeed is by believing that everything is possible and by believing in yourself, learning about the world helps me learn about myself.”

She added that having a positive attitude makes everything easier and much better.

Najmun Nahar has received many accolades for her achievements from different parts of the world and from Bangladesh.

She got prestigious awards like ‘Peace Torch bearer Award’ USA, “Shree Chinmoy Oneness Heart Center Aspiration Ground.

Harriat Kayena, Governor of Zimbabwe, honoured her monumental hallmark.

She has received ‘Flag Girl’ award from the Governor of Zambia, Also she received Anannya Top Ten Awards.

Miss Earth Queen Award (Nassau Coliseum, New York), Game Changer of Bangladesh Award, Most Influential Women of Bangladesh Award, Zonta International Award, Atish Dipankar Award, Tin Bangla Award, Red Crescent Motivational Award.

Najmun Nahar completed a post-graduation in Asian Studies from Lund University, Sweden and she completed a graduation in political science from the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

She has also studied Human Rights at Seoul National University, South Korea.

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