21st May 2024
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Abyei frees two Warrap youth after a month in detention

Authors: Deng Dimo | Michael Daniel | Published: Saturday, November 11, 2023

This group photo shows the two youth previously detained in Abyei being handed over to their relatives in Wau. (-)

The Community Police in Abyei Administrative Area on Thursday handed over the two young men to Warrap State after being held captive in the area for one month.

The two young men have been identified as Madhieu Ayuel Kiir, 25, and Akot Atem Ayuel, 23.

Abyei Community Police Coordinator, Lual Chol, alleged that one of the two men was arrested for spying on behalf of armed bandits from neighboring Warrap.

The official could not provide evidence to substantiate his claims that the youth provided information to their Twic neighbors.

“Both of them are from Twic but they were in separate locations, Madhieu was in Abyei for the last two years, he was accused on the 9th last month that he was providing information to his people in Twic,” Chol narrated.

“He was working with social welfare, so after hearing information, Madhieu was taken by the social welfare to police until he was with us in the police.”

Chol said further that the other detainee had voluntarily handed himself to police custody in fear of his life following the bitter communal violence that rocked the two areas.

“Our brother Akot was in Tefek trying to travel to Twic but since it was difficult for him to travel on his own way to Twic, he also voluntarily reported himself to the police so today we brought them to Wau and handed them to their people.”

The detainees were reportedly freed on November 9, and airlifted to Wau by UNISFA before they were handed to their families in the presence of Twic and Ngok community leaders.

On his part, Alor Deng Kor, the leader of Abyei Community in Wau described the release of the two men as a sign of peace and stability between the two neighbors.

“We don’t want to fuel the conflict, but we want to put off the fire so that Twic and Ngok go back to their previous coexistence because what had happened in the past is not acceptable,” he said.

“Abyei does not only belong to Ngok people, but it belongs to the people of South Sudan particularly our nearest neighbors the Twic. The people that can protect our border are these youth and if we do the bad thing, it will be a loss for us all as a country.”

Mr Kor further called for the immediate reopening of free movement between Abyei and Twic.

Meanwhile, Warrap State Chiefs representative Madut Makuic, who received the two youths welcomed the gesture by the Abyei authorities.

“As you have heard from the policing community representative in Abyei, yes, these people are now received at the UN airstrip in Wau, I have received them. I really thank the community of Abyei and UNISFA in Abyei for such cooperation that could take us forward,” said Makuic.







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