‘Weak-hearted’ soldiers behind Juba night crimes – Kuol

| 8:30 am

Some of the criminals behind night robberies in Juba are members of the organized forces, the Minister of Defense has

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Remembering Torit Mutiny at 62

| 5:11 pm

August 18 marks 62 years since the first known liberation struggle of the South Sudanese began in Torit town of Eastern Equatoria state.

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Gen. Malong not under house arrest – Ateny

| 10:19 am

The Press Secretary in the Office of the President, Ateny Awek Ateny, has dismissed an online petition filed by Gen. Paul Malong’s wife over circumstances surrounding his “stay” in Juba. Lucy Ayak, who is based in…

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How should South Sudan eternalize its war heroes?

| 2:19 pm

Professor Jok Madut Jok has called for establishment of war memorial to commemorate those who died for liberation of South Sudan.

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Why Alfred Taban quit journalism

| 12:39 pm

Veteran journalist, Alfred Taban says he has given up Journalism for politics after his appointment as a Member of Parliament in the transitional parliament.

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Why former S African President wants peace first before justice in S Sudan

| 12:29 pm

The former President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki says the international community needs to first collectively bring peace to South Sudan so that issues of justice can be addressed.

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NCAC Chairman, Gichira Kibara talks to Eye Radio about constitutional review

| 11:41 am

This week, we look at the National Constitutional Amendment Committee that is mandated by the peace agreement to review the 2011 Transitional Constitution and incorporate with the peace agreement.

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The Director of Juba Prison talks to Eye Radio about juvenile prisoners

| 12:34 pm

Last week, the director of Juba Prison – Brig Gen Micheal Malou -told Eye Radio that about 47 under aged children are currently serving time in jail in Juba alone for committing various crimes, the…

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USAID Director in S. Sudan speaks to Eye Radio about his recent visit to Boma National Park

| 12:31 pm

Mid-May, the USAID Mission Director in South Sudan, Jeff Bakken visited Boma National Park to oversee the progress of work on the USAID-funded Boma-Jonglei-Equatoria Landscape project implemented by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

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How young Col. Garang “sabotaged the enemy” from within on 16 May, 1983

| 3:50 pm

A veteran SPLA General, Alfred Akwoch told Eye Radio how the late, Colonel John Garang sabotaged from within efforts by the Sudanese government and its armed forces to attack mutinying soldiers in Bor, on May…

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