Harassment continues

| 3:50 pm

Despite repeated calls by President Salva Kiir on organized forces to stop harassing motorists on the road, some continue to intimidate drivers.

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Nilepet serving gov’t war agendas – Report

| 6:15 pm

A UK-based research group says the economic drivers of South Sudan’s conflict, including the oil sector, should be the focus of the next revitalization forum

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“I’m sorry” -Kiir to the people of Pageri

| 5:44 pm

President Salva Kiir has lamented the impact of conflict in Pageri area.

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Kiir’s office rejects a biography of the President

| 11:16 am

The Office the President has rejected a biography of President Salva Kiir that is trending on the social media.

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UN accuses 40 S. Sudanese officials of war crimes

| 5:11 pm

UN Human Rights Commission says it has collected evidence to hold more than 40 South Sudanese officials accountable for war crimes

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S. Sudan prisons congested due to judicial delays

| 4:01 pm

Judicial delays have led to congestion in prisons across the country, according to the Director General of the National Prisons.

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Revitalization Forum hits another deadlock

| 5:53 pm

The second round of the high-level revitalization forum has hit yet another deadlock after SPLM-IO walked out of the talks

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Why U.S imposed an arms ban on S. Sudan

| 5:41 pm

Last week, the US department of state said it was implementing an arms embargo to end the conflict in South Sudan.

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S. Sudan leaders should not feel irreplaceable

| 5:20 pm

South Sudanese leaders should not delay attainment of peace, thinking they are the best people the country can produce

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US describes TGoNU as ‘unfit’ peace partner

| 4:19 pm

While addressing the UN Security Council on Wednesday, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley accused the government for not putting the best interests of the South Sudanese as its priority.

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