31st March 2023
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Terekeka urges pastoralists, farmers to cease hostilities in Wonduruba

Author: Moyo Jacob | Published: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Authorities in Terekeka in Central Equatoria State have called on pastoralists and farmers to cease hostilities as the government tries to intervene.

The Commissioner of Terekeka County, James Lino’s appeal comes after a family of four were killed in Wonduruba at the weekend.

A man, his wife and two sons were abducted from home of a local leader in the area and later murdered by suspected Mundari herders.

Another man testified during a press conference organized by Wonduruba national MPs on Monday, he was shot by a group of seven herders in the chest.

Lino calls on the cattle keepers to respect the farmers and stop grazing into their farms.

He also calls on farmers to desist from confronting the herders for the sake of peace.

“I call on the citizens there, the cattle keepers and farmers to respect themselves. Cattle keepers should respect themselves and not allow animals into the farms and farmers should not go and confront anyone. We are seeking ways to bring peace among ourselves,” Lino told Eye Radio on Tuesday.

Responding to the recent violent incidents in Wonduruba, Commissioner Lino says he could not confirm the perpetrators.

But he admits the presence of Mundari herders in the area.

“I have people there, I have people on the side of Wonduruba but up to now, I have not gotten information that the kraal of Mister so and so is the one responsible for the killing of people,” Lino said.

“I heard that there is a problem there but not only Mundari are there because I will only believe when someone is arrested for killing someone but we are not sure if that was done by the Mundari or different people.”

Last week authorities in Wonduruba said the herders had started exiting the area.

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