5th June 2023
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Public is warned against buying expired goods

Author : | Published: Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The public must be cautious when buying goods that are not labelled with expiration dates, the Bureau of Standard has warned.

There are goods being sold without proper weighs and others may have reached date of expiry, officials say.

The Director of Standard Specifications,Naima Samson Sebit told Eye Radio’ Dawn Program that those found selling expired goods will be punished by law.

“If you are found with expired goods, they will close down your shop or whatever you have in container, the owner of the shop will be called by the Bureau of Standard to pay a fine,” said Madam Naima.

“After paying the fine, that person will be warned that he expired goods should not be sold anymore. If they find the weight is less than what is written on the container, they will remove that good from the market. And also there will be routine inspection in that area.”

Madam Naima said the public should buy products that are well labelled and stamped by the government.

She said that the Bureau still lack laboratories and testing equipment at the border, to ensure expired goods do not reached into the market.

She said all goods are tested in a laboratory in Juba.

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