16th April 2024
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Police report 2 bodies found in Mugali area of Magwi County

Author: Moyo Jacob | Published: Thursday, May 5, 2022

Major David Kasimiro, the Inspector of Police in Nimule - Credit | Okot Emmanuel/Eye Radio | Nov 3, 2021

Police in Nimule Town have retrieved two dead bodies in the Mugali area of Magwi County, the Inspector of Police in Nimule has said.

It is not clear when the unnamed deceased were killed and the motive behind their death.

However, on Tuesday, alleged cattle keepers in the area reportedly attacked a civilian population there and abducted five people.

Among those missing were Andruga Joseph and Thomas Anzo who were said to be in their 40s.

Major David Kasimiro, the Inspector of Police in Nimule told Eye Radio, the locals discovered the bodies of the two elderly men yesterday and reported them to the police.

“This incident happened the day before yesterday (Tuesday) in Mugali but in the evening, some ten people came to us from Mugali and Ganzi. They came to report that they were beaten badly,” Major Kasimiro narrated to Eye Radio what happened.

“There were five people who were abducted. Among the five, there are two women and three men and the women were said to have returned yesterday (Wednesday) evening but the men are not seen.

“The number is now four who are not seen in Nimule and Mugali here. We sent a force there, they went there and found one dead body of those who were abducted and they did not find the rest.

“I am now in Mugali and we are searching with some soldiers and civilians for the other abducted. We came and found another one, they are now two, meaning the remaining two. We are still searching for the two.”

The Police Inspector has decried an insufficient number of Police officers for deployment to provide security to the locals.

However, Major Kasmiro encouraged the displaced to stay calm as the government seeks to intervene.

The Inspector also called on South Sudanese to unite and desist from attacking their fellows.

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