26th March 2023
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Water shortage hits Juba

Author : | Published: Monday, February 29, 2016

Majority of the residents of Juba depend on unpurified water sold by dealers | File photo

Some residents of Juba Town are complaining of water shortage after the Juba City Council issued an order reducing the prices of water distributed by tankers.

Last week, the Town Mayor reduced the price of water from 25 pounds per drum of clean water to 20.

Water fetched directly from the river would be sold at 10 pounds in place near the water source and 15 per drum in areas farther away.

“What the mayor did is not bad; in fact, it is good because it helps us but he made the order so extreme. He was supposed to enforce it gradually,” a resident told Eye Radio this morning.

“The problem is fuel,” said another resident. “If fuel prices drop, then the drum of water could even go to 10 pounds.

However, the mayor of Juba City says the order is meant to regulate prices and protect the consumers.

Steven Wani Michael told Eye Radio this morning that suppliers who fail to follow the new order will be fined 500 pounds.

“The license will be taken or the water tanker is confiscated because you cannot work against the government,” Mr Wani stated.

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