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Juba Mayor investigates last year’s demolition of Juba Town market

Author : | Published: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A woman breaks down after her kiosk got bulldozed at Juba market - Nov 30, 2013. Photo: Joakino Francis/Eye Radio.

The authority of Juba City Council says a committee has been formed to investigate the circumstances that led to the demolition of Juba Town Market last year.

On the 30th of November, traders at Juba Market were surprised to find their kiosks demolished, allegedly by Juba City Council authorities.

The businessmen and women said their goods such as clothes, shoes and bags were removed and dumped at Hai Malakal Cemetery near Konyo-Konyo market.

Eye Radio spoke to some traders who said they are victims of the demolition.

“This is injustice, this is thievery,” said one of the traders, “we want this market to be protected.”

The Deputy Minister of Interior, Jadalla Augustino Wani, who was at the scene of the demolition, told the affected traders the government will compensate them.

The Mayor of Juba City Council, Christopher Sarafino Wani, who was not available at the time of the incident, told Eye Radio that a committee has been formed to look into the loses traders have incurred during the demolition.

Mr. Sarafino told the Dawn Show that the demolition was not planned by the city council.

“What happened in Juba Market was not meant to demolish the market,” Mr Sarafino explained.

“The week before the incident happened, the governor of Central Equatoria state issued an order to remove all those dealing in the black market dollar business from the market and we formed a team to implement the order.

“But during the implementation, we realized that if those people doing business outside the market are still there, the implementation of the governor’s order would not succeed.

“That’s why we decided to remove all those traders for the success of the order.

“So, we formed a committee to study what happened because some traders complained that they lost some of their properties.”

Mr. Sarafino said the results of the investigations will be presented to the city council on Friday.

“This week the committee will hopefully present its report, and from there we will see what we can do for the traders.”

Yesterday, butchers from Konyo-Konyo South Market appealed to the local authority to relocate them after they were ordered to evacuate the area.

The Mayor, Christopher Sarafino, said the traders have been given seven days to move to a new location where registered butchers would be given priority to rent meat shops once buildings have been erected.

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