15th July 2024
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Journalist in Greater Lakes detained for covering Governor’s event late

Author: Abraham Garang | Published: Monday, May 13, 2019

The Greater Lakes State Journalists Association is appealing to Western Lakes authorities to release a journalist being held by the state.

Gabriel Mabor was detained on Saturday on orders by the Governor for reporting late to a road launch event.

Mabor works for the state-run Rumbek Radio but he is attached to the office of the Governor, Deng Mamer.

John Wulu, the Chairperson of Greater Lakes State Journalists Association said the Governor ordered a police captain to immediately arrest Mabor for coming late to the event.

“The Governor called the journalist to come cover to the event and the journalist was at home.  And yesterday there was rain in Rumbek, so, the journalist started footing from his home to the secretariat general of the government to pick up his camera and then proceeded to the field. After he arrived the Governor asked him why he had delayed.”

For his part,Isaac Majak, Western Lakes Information Minister described Mabor as indiscipline.

He said the journalist intentionally came late to cover the event.

He alleges that the journalist had earlier arrived at the event but left to run his personal errands just before the launch.

“When the Governor came he did not find him, so the Governor continued with his work. Later when he realized that the Governor came and started the launch, he then started to follow him and that’s where the problem started. That’s is indiscipline.”

Eye Radio contacted Gabriel Mabor who says he has now been released.

“I have been released now but they are saying that I should go to Tuch. The Governor is now in Tuch. He called me this morning and the Minister of Information told us that we should go to Tuch for work but I have refused. I want to know the reasons for my arrest.”

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