26th September 2023
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CES Anti-corruption Commission hopes to recover missing funds

Author : | Published: Thursday, February 27, 2014

Central Equatoria

The Anti-corruption Commission in Central Equatoria says it is hoping to recover more than 230,000 South Sudanese pounds. 

The funds were reportedly stolen from a safe in the state Ministry of Health.

The chairperson of the Commission, Emmanuel Khamis Richard, told Eye Radio how are they planning to recover the money.

“We carried out the investigation committee composed of five members and the suspect accepted responsibility for the disappearance of the money. According to the suspect he left his office briefly and when he came back the money was not there, so he has taken responsibility for the disappearance of the money and he accepted to pay back the whole amount, and by the time the case was sent to us, he has actually started paying back 100,000 to the Ministry of Health, now we are pursuing him to pay back the balance of 130,165 South Sudanese pounds, of which we gave him a period of one week since last week Friday, so he is supposed to report himself tomorrow at 10am,” he said.

Mister Khamis said those who misuse government funds must be held responsible for the damage they cause.

“As a result of the disappearance of this money, how many people might have died as a result of malaria because the Ministry of Health was not able to control malaria during that particular period of time? How people might have died of TB? How many might have contracted leprosy and the ministry was not able to address the matter because the budget that was intended to that purpose was not there? Who is responsible for new infections and deaths related to the disappearance of these particular funds,” he added.

Emmanuel Khamis said the state anti-corruption commission is investigating more cases related to corruption.

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