South Sudan, Uganda discuss border dispute

Ebunyu Wilson, head of Uganda’s delegation, speaks to reporters during a break - Dec 29, 2015. Photo by Emmanuel Akile/Eye Radio

South Sudan and Uganda are discussing ways to demarcate disputed border lands.

The two countries claim ownership of some border areas, particularly in Magwi and Kajo-keji.

The meeting, which is being observed by the African Union and Troika countries, is aimed at developing a work plan for verification and remarking the borderline between the two countries.

“We don’t want these issues to escalate nor disturb our peace, business, and trade with our neighborly country,” said David Naylo, head of South Sudan delegation.

For its part, the head of Uganda’s delegation, Ebunyu Wilson, said his country is looking forward to demarcating its border with South Sudan.

He said this exercise will not be difficult because South Sudan and Uganda are in good relations.

“We are going to….make sure that we make it more visible – well defined – for our people to critically look at it,” he said.

Mr. Wilson said Uganda and South Sudan will use modern equipment such as GPS to define the boundaries of the two countries.

The demarcation is expected to begin during the second week of January 2016.