10th December 2023
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‘How will we know we have government,’ says father of 13-year-old boy killed in Rock City

Authors: Alhadi Hawari | | Published: Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Aerial view a section of Juba City. Photo: Courtesy

A father of a 13-year-old boy who was killed by criminals on Sunday at Hai Rock City in Juba has decried police response to crimes in the area.

According to Godfrey Woja Alex, the father of the deceased, it took Rock City Police, which is 300 meters from his house 1 hour to respond to the incident.

He says with all the gunshot heard all over, the area Chief had to go to the Police station to report the matter to the police.

Romi told Eye Radio that three armed men entered his house in his absence on Sunday around 8 pm.

He says his son, Godfrey Woja Alex was shot on his head and died on the spot.

Romi is calling for justice after the killing of his young son.

“Those people [criminals] entered my house like guests but they were well-armed. When they knocked on my gate and when my wife came to them, they asked my wife that there is a certain criminal called Moses who entered this house and they want us to give that person,” Romi told Eye Radio on Monday.

“My wife responded to them, there is no person like that, she told them she was the only one with my kids but they started shooting at my wife.

“They [criminals] shot and killed my elder boy who was trying to run for his dear life. They [criminals] shot him in the head. The government did not come and now how are we going to know that we have a government.

“The police station is just near to us here and they came very late after those criminals have taken a lot of things and the body of my son is laying down here.”

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