30th January 2023
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Floods destroy thousands of homes in Tonj

Author: Deng Dimo | Published: Sunday, August 25, 2019

Residents of Thiet area, Tonj State cross to dry land after heavy rains | Credit | Facebook

Thousands of people have been displaced after heavy rains and floods have destroyed homes and farms in several Counties of Tonj State.

According to the state government, floodwaters submerged thousands of houses in multiple Counties of Tonj North of former Warrap state.

It is not clear if there are people who have lost their lives in Friday’s floods.

According to Tonj state Information Minister, William Wol Mayom, people have sought refuge on high grounds.

He appealed to humanitarian organizations to provide emergency food assistance and shelter to those displaced from the homes.

“They are in dire need of food and drugs, they are vulnerable to diseases because of this floods, children are suffering, people are suffering because all crops have been destroyed,” Wol said.

“Over 13,000 household have been destroyed,” he added.

Early this month, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management said it is unable to respond to any emergency because of lack of funds.

The government has come under criticism from Civil Society organizations who say the leaders respond to man-made violence more seriously and swiftly than incidence such as floods and famine that are a natural disaster.

South Sudan depends entirely on international aid organizations to address its humanitarian challenges.

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