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Bor town: Residents mark 9th July despite hardships

Author : | Published: Monday, July 10, 2017

File: A market in Bor town

Some South Sudanese have called on the citizens in the country to celebrate the 6th independence despite the economic crisis that has hit the country.

They say the day is important to remind people of what the country went through to become a nation.

They call on everyone to embrace peace as they celebrate the day.

Those who spoke to Eye Radio from Bor town said 9th July is reminder of the matryrs and a joint contribution of all South Sudanese to be independent in their own country.

“Surely independence day give reminder of our people struggle for their own country. And it is very important for people to remember where they have been before up to the way they are,” one resident said.

Since 2015, South Sudan’s economy has taken a nose-dive with food and hard currency becoming scarce.

Humanitarian organizations says the number of those in need of food assistance and those depending on foreign aid has increased since 2016.

“If we celebrate it without food, without water, without anything, we can still celebrate it. We are proud of that and we are happy to have this great nation,” another resident said.

South Sudan was admitted into the UN as a member state on the 14 July 2011, as number 193rd. It also became the 54th African country to gain independence.

“This is the day that we have shown to the world that we are part of them and we are people and we are capable of having our own country,” said another native of Bor town.

This year, celebrations at the national level have been kept at low key due to what the government says is unavailability of funds.

Organizing the national function usually costs the government millions of dollars.

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