23rd June 2024
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Wau governor sued for defamation

Author : | Published: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The former Minister of Finance in the former Western Bahr Al Ghazal state, Lillian Valentino Rizik, has filed a legal complaint against the governor of Wau State for defamation.

Ms Valentino is accusing Governor Elias Waya for allegedly making false public statements that she conspired with the governor of the former Western Bahr Al Ghazal state, Rizik Zakaria to embezzled the state funds.

The embezzlement reportedly happened under the Western Bahr Al Ghazal state administration, before it was divided into Wau and Lol states.

Last month, Governor Elias Waya told a rally in Wau that Ms Valentino withdrew 6 million pounds of the state fund by cheque.

He said Governor Rizik Zakaria also withdrew 5 million pounds by a separate cheque.

However, Ms Valentino denied the accusation on her part.

“I want him to bring a copy of that cheque to the investigation team, and say this is what the former minister did, that what I really want him to do,” she said, arguing that the accusation was false.

“Do you know what it means when somebody accuses you publicly, falsely, for something you did not do?”

She told Eye Radio that she filed the legal complaint to clear her name.

Ms Valentino says the case is has not been taken to the court yet at the moment, to allow for investigations.

She said her lawyer is requesting for the lifting of the immunity of the governor of Wau State, so that he can be answerable to some questions during investigations.

“I want an apology from Governor Elias Waya… publicly.”

When contacted for a response on the matter, Wau state Governor Elias Waya said he was ready to the answer to the complaint, but would only do so in court.

“If she has already decided to go to the court, let her go. I will reply when am in the court there. There is no problem, let her process the whole thing,” he said.

Mr Waya told the rally that another 1.6 million pounds of tax collection was also mishandled.

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