28th November 2023
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Trump’s nominee to ensure S Sudan leaders won’t enjoy ill-gotten riches

Author : | Published: Monday, June 18, 2018

An aggrieved South Sudanese elderly woman | Credit | Amnesty International

U.S President Donald Trump’s nominee for the position of the State Department’s Africa Bureau says he plans to pursue further consequences for South Sudanese leaders responsible for the conflict and corruption in the country.

Tibot Peter Nagy, who is yet to be confirmed by the U.S Senate, says the prolonged suffering of civilians in South Sudan is as a result of leaders choosing to prioritize personal benefits over the needs of the entire population.

In his testimony, Ambassador Nagy promised to push for alternative measures to ensure South Sudanese leaders are penalized for their misrule.

He says his concern about the continuous suffering of the South Sudanese refugees, and those displaced international.

Nagy also says if confirmed, he would work with the Committee to promote the types of US policies which can help bring that about a well-governed, stable Africa.

“In my view, South Sudan is one of the greatest tragedies in the world right now. Its absolutely needless; it should not have happened,” Nagy said.

“If confirmed, I will look for every pressure point possible, including ones not yet pushed, to make sure that those who are complicit in these tragedies have to pay that so that they don’t have places to park their money, don’t have places where they can go and enjoy their vacations and go shopping while their people are dying, women are being raped, people are going hungry and chased from their homes.”

Ambassador Nagy says some African leaders are perpetuating their rule through constitutional manipulation and increased repression.

He says he will work with young Africans who are favorably disposed toward the U.S and its principles, instead of relying on leaders who extend power despite the harm it cause their own people.


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