21st March 2023
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Suspected killers of two women arrested

Author : | Published: Thursday, June 28, 2018

The 3 young men accused of beheading 2 women in Kapuri at a police station in Gudele. PHOTO//Joakino Francis/Eye Radio

Three people have been arrested after yesterday’s killing of two women in Juba’s residential area of Kapuri.

On Wednesday, an eyewitness, Mama Jubensia called Eye Radio to describe the incident which involved the beheading of the two women.

Their bodies were dumped by the roadside.

The story sparked an outrage among women parliamentarians at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly.

The chairperson of the Women Caucus, Honorable Dusman Joyce called to issue a statement to Eye Radio calling for swift investigation.

“We as women of South Sudan we condemned the act of killing women. Secondly if they get these perpetrators they should be taken to court.”

This afternoon, the Acting Director of the Criminal Investigation Department in Gudele, said the suspects have been arrested are in custody. They are said to have confessed to the murder.

“Within 17 hours, we manage to arrest three suspect. They confessed to committing the crime,” said Maj. General Akot.

The suspects have been identified by their first names as; Sebit, Thomas and Luka. They are also accused of raping a 15 years old girl in the area.

“They are three young men who are also accused of raping a 15 year old girl. They also confessed to this crime, including the killing of the two ladies,” said Akot.

Major General Abraham Albino Akot  said “they [suspects] will be taken to court for justice to take its course. after the investigations.”

The chairperson of the Women Caucus, Honorable Dusman Joyce, who visited the police station where the suspects are being held, said she feels relieved because the suspects have been apprehended.

“I have heard from them [suspects], and I saw them crying in front of me and my colleagues the MPs. I am today relieved as the chair of the women caucus on what happen yesterday,” Hon. Dusman said.

“They [suspects] told us that they were drunk, and that they were under the influence of drugs. But we told the police that they have to be taken to court,” Hon. Dusman added.

Major General Akot said the 15 year old rape victim is receiving treatment.

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