4th March 2024
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South Sudan launches digitalized traffic system

Author: Alhadi Hawari | Published: Friday, January 14, 2022

Nurudin Mithani, installing company director for Africa Innovative Automation LTD - credit | Alhadi Hawari/Eye Radio | Jan. 13, 2022

South Sudan has launched a digitalized traffic system including installation of signage to regulate traffic flow in Juba City.

The traffic system was unveiled by the Ministry of Interior in collaboration with Juba City Council and a private company.

The multi-traffic control systems will be implemented by the Dubai-based Africa Innovative Automation LTD- AIAL.

Nurudin Mithani, installing company director, told reporters that the project will also include installation of street CCTV cameras, digitalized registration of car logbooks to monitor and track traffic motorists.

The system will equip traffic police with special devices to read active and expired logbooks.

It also can automatically process penalties based on the vehicle type and the duration of the expiry date.

This means motorists will be required to digitally register their logbooks.

“We will be installing this kind of signages everywhere required in the city that will guide the drivers that there is U-turn, there is not a U-turn, there is a free right-turn, there is not a free right-turn,” Nurudin Mithani, the director of AIAL said.

“The speed limits allowed on that particular road will be marked clearly by these signages and all the junctions will be marked with clear marking, where to stop, why to stop, which lane to follow, if you are going straight, which lane to be in if you are going right.

“All that stuff will be marked on all the junctions. This will begin right from tomorrow after seeking permission from the respective authorities.”

From his part, Lt. Gen. James Pui Yak, the deputy Inspector General of Police has warned the public, particularly defiant members of organized forces against the new traffic systems.

“The generals and officers from various organized forces are always misbehaving trying to put themselves above the law,” Lt. Gen. Pui said.

“We have experienced last time when one of us was shot at the costume roundabout, he was a police officer and he was trying to stop one of the army officers, that person just removed his pistol and shot him, simply because that person was doing his work.

“Those kinds of behaviors are not good for our country.”

And the Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Allahjabu said: “Is my privilege to be witnessing the launching of a digitalized vehicle registry in the Republic of South Sudan, I want to say congratulations to all of us.”

In 2014, South Sudan’s first-ever traffic lights were officially unveiled in the capital Juba.

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