5th June 2023
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Juba City Council launches first traffic light

Author : | Published: Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Juba City Council has officially launched the traffic light in the national capital.

The project has been funded by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in South Sudan.

During the ceremony, the Mayor of Juba Municipality, Christopher Serafino Wani said the traffic light will help reduce road accidents in the city.

He says within a period of a month half, of Juba will have traffic light to help the traffic police reduce road accidents.

Mr. Swaka urged the traffic police to educate the people of Juba about the importance of the traffic light.

“Gudele roundabout is a big problem, because of the level of accidents and traffic jams. So we must insure that laws are enforced, our traffic police colleagues ensure that they are enforced properly and our people are educated to ensure that we reduce the number of deaths that are happening.” The Mayor said.

Traffic Police Major-General, James Biel, called upon drivers to exercise caution and drive responsibly in order avoid accidents.

“Reckless driving on our roads will throw these things down … after few days we will see some of them down because of weekend.” He said.

General Biel warned drivers of government vehicles to drive carefully.

He says the police will take measures against reckless drivers.

Eye Radio spoke to a number of Juba residents about the traffic light which was launched today, and here is what they had to say:

: “I think it is ok to have this traffic light in South Sudan because there are too much road accidents in the country. so it’s better for them to install this traffic light on all the roads so that it reduces the rate of accidents.” Said one pedestrian.

: “We are very tired. Me as an old driver, when you want to turn around you will find someone is already in, and when you ask him to drive carefully, he would want to fight you, this is why this traffic light is very important in this country …. it will reduce traffic jam, and everyone who violates this light, must be punished by the law.” A public transport driver said.


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