1st February 2023
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Ateny blames latest clashes in Jonglei on absence of state governments

Author: Woja Emmanuel | Published: Monday, May 18, 2020

Ateny Wek Ateny, press secretary in the Office of the President at the TNLA on May 14, 2019 | Credit | Joakino Francis/Eye Radio

The Press Secretary in the Office of the President has attributed the reasons for heightened tribal clashes in Lou Nuer area to the absence of state governments.

There are reports of armed youth from Greater Pibor Area attacking various villages in Greater Akobo.

An unconfirmed number of people have been killed or displaced by the attackers.

The attacks follow last February onslaught by alleged Lou-Nuer youths who reportedly killed 10 people in remote areas of Pibor.

In March, the Presidency condemned the inter-communal clashes but failed to do anything to stop the ethnic conflict.

Before the dissolution of the 32 states in February, Greater Pibor Administrative Area was governed by David Yau Yau, while Moses Majok led the defunct Bieh state.

Bieh, a predominantly Lou-Nuer area is now part of Jonglei state.

President Kiir is yet to appoint governors for Pibor and Jonglei, which are now being run by State secretaries-generals.

President Kiir’s Press Secretary admits that there is currently no proper coordination between the national government and state caretaker officials.

Ateny Wek Ateny was speaking to Eye Radio this morning.

“What is happening in that area is attack and counter-attack, the revenge and counter revenge…and [it’s because] the state governments are not in place to give the [national] government reports,” Ateny Wek told Eye Radio on Monday.

However, all security institutions including National Security, police service, and SSPDF whose obligation is to protect citizens and maintain peace and order have presence in greater Jonglei.

Ateny added that the President has directed the SSPDF forces in the area to assemble and provide security to the civilians.

For years, the Greater Jonglei region has been experiencing child abductions and cattle raiding.

Aid agencies say violence between communities in Jonglei is driven by competition over resources and fueled by easy access to guns.

Disagreement over allocation of states to the peace parties has been dragging appointment of state governors.

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