21st June 2024
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ARC commits to resolving Wau road blockage after heavy rainfall

Author: Baria Johnson | Published: Friday, May 24, 2024

Rainy Day Woes: Flooded Residential Area in Wau Amidst Ongoing Road Construction - Photo Courtesy

The African Resources Company (ARC) said it is addressing the recent flooding caused by road construction in Gonia residential area, Wau in Western Barh el-ghazal state.

The statement came after residents in Wau, Western Bahr Al Gazal State complained of blockage of waterways due to the construction of roads in the area.

According to a resident who identified herself as Habuba Mario, the road construction-induced flooding has affected most households.

She fears that if the waterways are not opened, the residential area will be severely affected during the rainy season.

“The road that was constructed in Bushire, the constructors forgot to open waterways so that water passes through it now it is affecting the houses near the road, water enters the houses and these houses will be severely affected this year,” said Habuba Mario.

“It is at the checkpoint of Bushra going to Suk Jouu and in Gunia Road. The road is good in the dry season but now it will affect the civilians because when it rains water enters the houses and destroys houses,” she said.

“We are confused and it is really bad so there is a need to open waterways and a road for people to walk in.”

When contacted, ARC says the flooding was caused during the initial construction inadvertently blocking the natural waterways, leading to water accumulation and subsequent flooding.

In a statement to Eye Radio, the construction company says it has opened two sections of the blocked waterways.

“We have successfully opened two sections along the road to facilitate water flow. However, the heavy rains on May 21st caused additional flooding in a third section,” the ARC stated in a statement.

“When our subcontractor attempted to address this, they encountered resistance from the local community on the opposite side of the flood,” said the statement.

“They were concerned about potential impacts on their communities and threatened our staff.”

The statement further points out that the company is working with community leaders to find a solution that addresses the flooding while ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.

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