23rd May 2024
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12-year-old girl stabs father to death over X-mass needs

Author: Michael Daniel | Published: Monday, December 19, 2022

Barricade tape for crime scene (Courtesy)

A 12-year-old girl is undergoing family rehabilitation after killing her father in Longechuk County of Upper Nile State – for allegedly refusing to buy new Christmas clothes.

Longechuk County Commissioner Dak Tut Dey said the incident occurred in Majok Boma of Malual Payam on December 12.

The victim is a 46-year-old father of six identified as Puur Muon.

He allegedly argued with the minor who was demanding new attires for the Christmas celebrations.

“In Majok Malual Payam, we have heard of the story of a little girl asking her father for money to buy clothes for Christmas,” said the commissioner.

Commissioner Tut narrated that the deceased father of the girl did not grant her request due to insufficient resources and because he was planning to get married.

The official says the young girl frowned and fumed over the matter, prompting her father to try to discipline her.

“Her father was explaining to her that there is no money. With this money that we have, I am now planning to marry. But the girl was not in good mood.”

“She started disturbing her father until her father run after her. Then the girl took a fighting spear. Then she speared her father in the chest and immediately he died. The girl had ran to her uncle.”

The local official said the girl was trying to defend herself in the first place, after her father threatened to beat her.

He also confirmed that the girl child has not been arrested, but that she is in her uncle’s house.

He said the matter will be solved in accordance with the local customary laws, where rites will be performed before the child is reunited with the family.

“The girl is safe in her uncle’s home. The elders from the same family will sit and see some of the issues that can be done traditionally after which the family will be reunited when these traditional issues are completed. This is the process now.”



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