21st May 2024
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Yambio woman rides bicycle with pot on her head

Author: Charles Wote | Published: Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Terezina Alfred Ngazi practicing bicycle ride in Yambio town on Thursday, 2nd February 2023 . Photo Credit: Flora Gume).

Terezina Alfred Ngazi finds leisure in her perplexing ability to ride a bicycle with a big clay pot on her head, to the amusement of the public.

Mrs. Teresina, a mother of three said she started learning the skill of carrying things on her head while on a bicycle in 1973.

Terezina is also a policewoman and a First Lieutenant in the state Police Service.

She said she learned the skill from her neighbor who used to carry things on her head and ride a bicycle in a similar way.

“Before riding with a pot on my head, first of all, I make sure that my bicycle is fixed well,” Terezina explained to Eye Radio.

“After placing the bicycle in the compound where it is easy to ride, the second thing I do is to lift the pot and put it on my head then, climb the bicycle and start to ride.”

In January 2010, Terezina was among the sportsmen and women who rode bicycles to entertain a crowd at the commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the CPA in Yambio.

Though she doesn’t earn money from the talent, Terezina said her riding skill has enabled her to participate in many public events including Easter Mondays.

Unbelievably, with the pot on her head and a bicycle, Terezina can ride for more than four kilometers.

“Like in the previous riding exercise especially during Easter Monday, we started from Gangara Emilia up to the Stadium something like a distance of about 3 miles.”

Since 2010, Terezina said she has received overwhelming compliments from the public and was even rewarded with two brand-new bicycles.

“Carrying a pot on the head and riding a bicycle is helping me in a way that I have become popularly known and also to encourage other women that they can do any kind of work.”   

Bicycles are the major means of transport across Western Equatoria State which many locals use for short and long travels.

They are also used for transporting farm produce and to access basic services such as markets, health facilities, and education among others.

Besides bicycle riding talent, Terezina is a small-scale farmer. She is currently clearing two hectares of land to plant Cassava, Sesame, G/nuts, maize, and different types of vegetables found in her area to ensure food is available for her family.

“What am doing currently which is helping me is farming, I am cultivating and at the same time working as well.”

“As you know the situation these days where salary does not come on time is why I am going always to the garden.”

“Let us encourage each other to work hard even if you are a businesswoman selling items on the table, value what you are doing and it will help you.”


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