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Women and children worst affected by violence, UN says

Author : | Published: Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The United Nations says that the humanitarian situation in South Sudan has continued to deteriorate as fighting continues in most parts of the country.

The UN humanitarian coordinator, Toby Lanzer, told Eye Radio that women and children have been worst hit by the violence as they are the majority of those displaced from their homes.

“The work of NGOs and the UN is to really help all the civilians to have their most basic needs met during times of crisis, and regrettably, this is a time of crisis for South Sudan,” he said.

‘It is particularly a difficult moment for this young nation. I think that many people have been shocked and taken aback by the violence that has occurred in different parts of the country,” Mr Lanzer said.

Mr. Lanzer went on to say the UN has serious concerns about the future of South Sudan’s economic status as most people, including investors, have been shocked by the recent violence in most parts of the country, including Juba.

“Let’s not forget that just four weeks ago, there were hundreds of people who were taking part in a private investment conference,” he said.

“They had come to Juba to look at the economic situation and the investment opportunities for the private sector and the like, and for things to turn off track in the way that they have is really a big blow,” he added.

Mr. Lanzer said the UN is doing all it can to assist those in need but he hopes that the violence will stop soon to enable civilians to return to their normal lives.



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