2nd June 2023
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Warrap finance minister denies misappropriating funds

Author : | Published: Monday, May 4, 2015

The Minister of Finance in Warrap State has denied misappropriating pension funds.

State MPs had accused him of diverting the funds to the security sector without the approval of the parliament.

Mr Andrea Aguer Ariik admits releasing the pension funds to the security sector but insisted that the Ministry of Finance has the authority to manage the money under the Appropriation Act.

Mr Aguer says the state government will refund the money for the pension fund.

He says pension money is under ministry of Finance and that over 3 million pounds has been collected so far.

He however said state government has borrowed 3 million South Sudanese pounds to cater for food crisis and emergency security situation in the state.

“Pension account is under state ministry of finance and it is there not by the resolution which was quoted and taken to me. It is there per appropriation act 2014/2015 that is section 9; regulation 1 which reads ‘state ministry shall maintain pension account in which all the employees’ 5% of which basic salaries and cost living allowances contribution of eligible state employees shall be deposited,” Mr Aguer argued.

“And therefore by this regulation, the pension account is under ministry of finance.”

Aguer said that capitation grants have been given to schools which have opened their bank accounts.

He denied receiving health operational transfer from national government meant for ministry of health.

Warrap state speaker Madoot Deng says assembly will deliberate over the answers before reaching final decision later in the week.

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