14th April 2024
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Sudan declares position on Abyei referendum

Author : | Published: Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Abyei Area

The Sudanese Minister of Information has said that the status of the Abyei region can only be determined by the government of the two countries without external pressure.

“Interference by outside countries in forcing one side to conduct a referendum in Abyei could destroy relations between South Sudan and Sudan,” said Mr. Hamed Belal Osman.

He told Eye Radio that Khartoum and Juba can resolve their difference as neighbors.

“The geographical area of South Sudan is 700,000 Kilometers and the size of Abyei is 10,000 Kilometers.

“So what does 10, 000Kilometer means to us compared to 700,000 Kilometers?

“For us Sudanese, it is not a problem.  Attempts by some people to fuel conflict in Abyei in order to make it a reason to spoil relations between the two nations, is wrong.

“The Abyei issue can be resolved amicably.”

Western diplomats and the African Union have warned against any unilateral conduct of a referendum in Abyei to determine its geographical location.

South Sudan insists that the Abyei referendum should be conducted this October but Sudan rejects the proposal and the date of the referendum.

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