24th July 2024
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Single Dee’s hit song “Focus” reaches 1 million views

Author: Diko Andrew | Published: Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Single Dee - Courtesy

Deng James, widely known as Single Dee, celebrated a major milestone in his music career as his hit song “Focus” reached 1 million views on YouTube.

The South Sudanese singer, songwriter, and RnB artist took to social media to express his excitement, stating, “Hello, my First 1M views hit on YouTube.”

“Focus” draws inspiration from a beloved childhood favourite from the late 1990s, blending urban tunes with nostalgic elements that resonate across generations.

Its universal appeal has garnered enthusiastic support from fans and fellow South Sudanese, a testament to community pride and unity, according to Single Dee.

In December 2022, Single Dee released his EP “FOCUS,” featuring the standout track of the same name.

The EP gained traction, bolstered by a visually stunning music video produced by a South Sudanese production company.

Acknowledging his team’s contributions to Eye Radio in a phone interview, Single Dee expressed gratitude on social media, saying, “I want to thank my team and the Stainless family for their dedication in making ‘Focus’ a hit. This million views mark is just the beginning – next up, the ‘Balang’ video!”

He stated that his success highlights the growing influence of South Sudanese artists on the global stage, inspiring musicians locally and internationally with his authentic creativity.

As “Focus” continues to attract worldwide viewers, it is a powerful example of music’s ability to bridge cultural divides and unite people from diverse backgrounds.

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