Women groups introduce new campaign slogan ‘Ma mara sakit’

Women Lawyers & activists pose for a picture after handing over a petition to TLNA-Photo Eye Radio 20/11/2018

A group of women organisations have launched a campaign dubbed #Ma mara sakit , an Arabic word which literally means “I’m not just a woman”.

In line with the 16 days of activism, the campaign was organized by Cat Walk to Freedom, Crown the Woman, Eve Organization and Steward Women.

At the launch in Juba on Friday, a panel of professional women said besides being women, they are doing exceptional things in their professions.

The campaign purported that they are not just women, they can do more, such as being president, if they aim high.

“We are here to remind all of you that South Sudanese women are more than just women… we are human beings,” Kiden Lucky, one of the participants said.

“We are the majority voters South Sudan. We would have been here if the women did not contribute the most votes,” she recalled the overwhelming 2011 referendum results.

One other, Judiciary Judge said: “We can be president, you [we] can be something you [we] want.”

Meanwhile, Mary Ajiith of the Association of Media Development in South Sudan [AMDISS] encourage all women to aim higher and strive for leadership role in the country.

“Later in my house or in my office, I want to see your names somewhere as the chairperson, as the president, yes why not?

However, she said this can only be achieved when women support one another by giving their votes.