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Renewed fighting in Yei, N. Liech

Soldiers riding on the back of a pickup | File photo

The government of Yei River and SPLA-IO are trading accusations over latest attacks on each other’s positions in the state.

The clashes occurred in Kupera and Mundu areas on Monday.

According to the Spokesman of the SPLA/IO, Mundu is under the control their since 2016.

This also includes Kupera and Mukaya.

In a statement seen by Eye Radio, Colonel Gabriel Lam said government forces attacked these areas during the morning hours of Monday.

But the minister of information in Yei River State – Alfred Kenneth – said the aforementioned areas are being controlled by the government.

“This is a clear violation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement and at the time that our president met their chairman and commander of chief,” he said.

Eye Radio is unable to immediately verify who exactly is in control of Kupera, Mukaya and Mundu areas of Yei River State.

However, the permanent ceasefire agreement prohibits any attack on any party, civilians and humanitarian actors.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Information in Northern Liech said a renewed fighting between SPLA and Opposition forces has erupted at an area called Mir-mir.

Lam Tungwar told Eye Radio on Tuesday morning that government forces came under attack by a group of soldiers loyal to Dr. Riek Machar at the area on Monday.

According to Tungwar, the soldiers were traveling to Southern Liech for an integration into forces of the TGoNU.

He said says fighting lasted several hours, but can’t confirm the number of causalities.

In response to the allegation, the deputy head of information for SPLM-IO, Peter Manawa denied the accusation.

(Additional information by Lasuba Memoscar)