14th April 2024
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Recommendations on Ngok-Twic conflict resolution

Author: Chany Ninrew | Published: Friday, April 28, 2023

Soldiers accessing a market that was torched by gunmen in Abyei. (File photo/courtesy).

An investigation into the border-related conflict between the Ngok of Abyei Administrative Area and the Twic of Warrap State has adopted several recommendations to be implemented for durable peace to return to the border communities.

Armed youth from the neighboring communities were engaged in hostilities, which started in February 2022 and heightened in late September that year.

The inquiry report released by the Council of States on Thursday has found that the conflict between the Ngok and Twic communities was agitated by political leaders from both communities.

The seven-member committee was constituted by President Salva Kiir in March 2022 to find the root cause of the series of communal conflict between the two communities.

The team, led by veteran politician Angelo Beda, comprises legislators Riaw Gatlier, Okello Odongto, Simon Majak Deng, Genivie Eliaba, Paul Thomas and Masua Madanza (deceased).


The legislative committee recommends that:

1. A force with a neutral commander who doesn’t hail from the Greater Bahr el Ghazal be deployed in the areas adjacent to Agok/Anet as a buffer zone.

2. The South Sudan boundary commission be formed by President Salva Kiir to identify, delineate and demarcate the boundary in accordance with the 1955 and 1st January, 1956 Sudan Survey maps between the Ngok and the Twic Dinka especially Diil, Anyiel, Abior and Manyuar and Kuac-Aganganya, Adiang, Amol, and Akoc Thon.

3. A reconciliation conference between the Twic Dinka and Ngok Dinka communities to be conducted in a neutral environment.

4. The Abyei Special Administrative Area especially the Rumamer County authority must suspend the survey activities in Agok town until the boundary identification and demarcation is completed.

5. The maps of July 1955 and 1/1/1956 from Sudan survey especially the map on the book of uncle Bona Malual Madut can be used as references to demarcate the boundary between the two communities of Twic Dinka and Ngok Dinka.

6. Mr. Bol Ahol be brought to book for his negative roles in supporting the communal violence by contributing to his Twic youth a land cruiser pickup mounted with 12.7 mm which shot the first bullet in Agok/Anet against Ngok Dinka.

7. The members of the national legislature representing Twic who have instigated the communal violence between the two communities by writing the letters with threats which they have copied to the authorities of all levels of government must be held accountable for their negative roles in the conflict.

8. A mobile court be sent to Abyei Special Administrative Area and Warrap State to try those who have carried out the atrocities against innocent people from both sides of the conflicting communities.

9. A militia General Thomas Thiel must be engaged by the government of South Sudan through the Sudan government.

10. Tiger battalion must vacate public facilities in Agok and be deployed to the hot spot areas marked by the two communities of Ngok and Twic outside the box as follow; a. Rumkor – Mayom/Marol, Ayuong. b. Miith Awan c. Mading Jokthiang-Makeer-Thon d. Akuur-Makeer-Awet-Awet and e. Majakol outside the box etc.

11. The areas of Ajakuac and Mayen-Abun Payams of Twic County should be deployed by SSPDF to quell the youth from mobilizing themselves and prevent them from attacking each other.

12. The Chief of Defense Forces form a committee to investigate Maj. General Akuei Ajou Akuei, Maj. Gen. Makal Kuol Deng, and Brig Gen. Chol Madol on the involvement of the army under their commands in the fight in Agok between the Twic and Ngok Dinka.

13. There must be an urgent disarmament of civilians across the country.

14. Let the government officials of Warrap State and Abyei Special Administrative Area who are in detention be released and arraigned in a court of law.

15. The National Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management to provide sheltering protection and other basic needs to both Ngok and Twic Dinka.

16. A technical committee be formed to identify all the properties destroyed in Agok town and the government to consider compensation to the victims.

17. The solution provided by the Twic community that led Ngok Dinka to cross to the north River Kiir is not realizable and practical.

18. All war propaganda and hate speeches, songs and some books written by imminent personalities should be stopped and shun by the two conflicting communities for the smooth dialogue and peace. E.g. the Book of Dr. Francis Mading Deng titled Abyei Between the Two Sudans and the book of Bona Malual titled Abyei of the Ngok Dinka Not Yet South Sudan should be suspended from the public domain to give reconciliation and healing of the two communities a chance.

19. Hon. Kon Manyiel Kuol, the former Governor of Twic State should be accounted for his incitement letter that he had written to President Salva Kiir on January/30/2018 on Abyei box.

20. Nine members of the Twic community working with UNISFA must continue doing their normal duties according to their contracts with UNISFA and the authority of Abyei Special Administrative Area must make sure that they are given necessary full protection and freedom under the law of South Sudan.

21. Based on the testimony of Mr. Acuil Malith that Diil and Kuac Anganya sections of Ngok and Twic community have a boundary at the south river Kiir and in 2010 elections, the two sections were having one constituency represented by Hon. Arop Madut from Diil section of Ngok Dinka then, the two sections are the right people to dialogue on their boundary especially Agok/Aneet area.

22. The cessation of hostility signed in Aweil initiated by the High-Level Committee led by H.E Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, the VP for Service Cluster should be enforced by creating a monitoring and implementation mechanism by deploying the Tiger Battalion into hot spot areas as mentioned above.

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