28th November 2023
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Pres Kiir speaks against killing in the country

Author : | Published: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

President Salva Kiir speaks at a past function | Credit | Eye Radio

President Salva Kiir has sternly warned his supporters and supporters of Dr. Riek Machar against carrying out targeted killings.

President Kiir condemned the continuous killing in the country, saying it is tarnishing the image of South Sudan.

He said many innocent people have lost their lives at the hands of those who, he said, have taken advantage of the ongoing crisis.

President Kiir told diplomats and journalists in Juba last night that targeted killings by both sides must stop.

“I blame all the criminals who have taken advantage of the situation.

“…anybody who thinks that they are my supporter, they are supporting me, should not touch any person – they should not touch any property of any person,” said Mr President.

“If you just kill people in my name, then my image will be gone. If you do it also on the side of Riek Machar, then you are burying us alive.

“Politically, we will not surface as good leaders in South Sudan, and so it is better that people forgive one another.

“If you are from Dinka, whichever Dinka you come from, it will be your own crime that you will have to be charged for.”

President Kiir called on Dr. Riek Machar to denounce the violence and return to rebuilding the country.

“We will continue to march forward…I therefore still call upon Riek Machar and his group to lay down their weapons and came back to participate in the building of our new nation.

“Riek Machar has shown his reasoning by a muzzle of a gun, he should now learn that this thing is not possible.”

About the political detainees, President Salva Kiir said he may be in a position to offer amnesty to the 11 political detainees once they have gone through the legal procedures.

“There will be amnesty for the political detainees, but it will be after investigations,” he added.

“When the investigations are done, they will know which article they are being charged with because they will be taken to court so that each one of them faces his case.

“After that, there is room for the President to issue an amnesty, but that can’t happen before the court’s judgment. So, there is room for the pardoning of the people who are suspects under arrest.”

President Salva Kiir said reforms will be carried over at the Judiciary and the Anti-Corruption Commission once the crisis is over.

He said the army and law enforcement agencies will also be reorganized.

President Kiir said there was need to prepare now for next year’s presidential elections.


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