21st May 2022
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Official warns of looming environmental disaster as flood submerged oilfields

Author: Chany Ninrew | Published: Thursday, October 21, 2021

The UN peacekeepers from Pakistan building 4 kilometers of dyke to stop massive flooding caused by incessant rain. - credit - UNMISS

Authorities in Unity State have warned about a looming environmental disaster after the oilfields are submerged by flooding.


The state minister of information, Gabriel Kuon Makuei says the oilfield of Tharjiath is now inaccessible and most of the pipelines are underwater.

Speaking to Eye Radio Thursday morning, Gabriel urged both the national government and oil companies to take action as soon as possible to avoid environmental catastrophe.

“There is no place left by the flood. Even the oilfields, we are cut off from Tharjiath where GPOC is and this is really very bad. We are cut off from all the oil fields. SPOC, which is in Tharjiath at the south of Unity State, is already cut off,” the state minister of information said.

“We told the government this is beyond our capacity. The minister of humanitarian and the minister of water came here. It’s really a concern of everybody that Unity State is in dire need of assistance, whereby the pipelines are underwater.”

“The ministry of environment, petroleum and the oil companies have to be serious in this, whereby they will be able to control otherwise the effect will be worse than this.”

However, several attempts to reach the ministry of environment for comment were not successful.

PHOTO: The UN peacekeepers from Pakistan in Unity state seen here building 4 kilometers of dyke to stop massive flooding caused by rain – credit – UNMISS | October 2021

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