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NEC calls for funding to commence election preparations

The chairperson of the national elections commission is calling for funding to prepare for elections in the country.

According to the revitalized peace agreement, the national elections act, 2012 shall be amended to conform to the terms of the agreement no later than seven months.

It also stipulates that not later than 12 months, the president – in consultation with the parties and approval of the legislatures – shall reconstitute a competent, impartial national elections commission.

Professor Abdnego Akok said the body is not being well supported for it to operate in a conducive environment.

“I’m personally convinced that the only way for us to survive in this world is to get prepared. After three years, we go for fair, free and credible elections,” he spoke  during an event organized by the US embassy on the US midterm elections in Juba on Wednesday.

In December last year, Akok told Eye Radio that the body owed landlords 23 million pounds in unpaid rent arrears.

Professor Akok said the commission had not been able to pay the rent for the 2015 and 2016.

The National Elections Commission has offices in the former ten states and according to the Prof Akok, the arrears include those premises.

He said during the transitional period, South Sudanese should go for civic engagement to enlighten themselves on the importance of free and fair election.

Akok admitted that the commission was fully supported by the US government – but after it withdrew its funding in 2014 due to conflict, work at the body had been paralyzed.

“When we came to the office, we were being supported by the United States of America. The problem is with [our] politics”

“…if they are convinced about this revitalization they may support us, and if they are not convinced about revitalization they may not support us.’

He appealed to the US saying “I would like America to help us because they have the resources and they are well informed about us, they know us better than ourselves.”