29th September 2023
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Longechuk Commissioner denies forcing guard to remove phone from toilet

Author: Chany Ninrew | Published: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The commissioner of Longechuk County in Upper Nile State has refuted claims that he humiliated a man by forcing him to search for a lost phone inside a pit latrine.

On Tuesday, a member of parliament representing Longechuk at the R-TNLA condemned Mr. Dak Tut for allegedly degrading a man by ordering him to look for the phone that had fallen into a latrine.

Last week, Dak Tut Dei reportedly visited Udier Payam to meet the locals.

While in a meeting, his phone battery ran out of power.

He then allegedly asked a local NGO worker, James Guek staff of ICRC to take it for charging.

But there was no charging space at the only existing center in the area.

Guek then decided to keep the phone, which later slipped off his pocket into a pit latrine.

The commissioner then forced him to get inside the pit latrine and remove the phone, which did.

However, Guek is now reportedly suffering from itching and body weakness after being forced to go deep inside the shithole.

James Mat Ruon, an MP representing Longechuk County expressed outrage at what he termed as disturbing and an abuse of human moralities.

“This very disturbing and that is a violation of human rights because you cannot force someone to go and get you a phone in the latrine.”, Mach told Eye Radio.

When contacted by Eye Radio, the commissioner of the area, Dak Tut says;

“I have heard this story. This is something I cannot even imagine without someone talking about it. This is a baseless accusation and that’s what I can tell the media.”

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