10th December 2023
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Kiir urged to extend directives to all security organs

Author : | Published: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Members of the public are calling on President Salva Kiir to extend his recent directives to all the security organs in the country by ensuring the top leadership is reformed, and only educated officers are recruited into the armed forces.

Last week, President Kiir criticized members of the organized forces for engaging in robberies and killing of civilians in Juba and other parts of the country.

The President said the police and other officers have been accused of harassment, and extortion on nationals and foreigners in the country.

He also accused senior officials in the organized forces of promoting corruption through ghost names, and illegal recruitment of relatives into the payroll system:

“If it means that by cutting off more of you and recruit the young people then it will be better –whether it is in the police or any other organized forces.”

Kiir directed the Ministry of Interior to withdraw officers from the airport, including traffic police whom he described as unprofessional.

The President demanded that recruitment of officers should target young and educated personnel:

In reaction, members of the public have commended the President for what they describe as “honest assessment” of the failure by the organized forces to protect and render services to the public as enshrined in the constitution.

The constitution stipulates that the police shall prevent, combat and investigate crime, maintain law and public order, protect the people and their properties.

The code of conduct of the armed forces underlines that the national armed forces shall not be used as an instrument of physical intimidation of the civilian population.

Those who spoke to Eye Radio called for strict implementation of the constitution, and subsequent orders of the President by all members of the organized forces.

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