30th March 2023
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Kiir names 28 state governors

Author : | Published: Friday, December 25, 2015

President Salva Kiir has issued a decree, appointing governors for the 28 states that he created in October.

The decree comes just two months after the president split the ten states into 28.

Last Month, the National Legislature amended the transitional constitution to include the states.

During the sitting, 37 MPs representing the Equatoria region and the Nuer Parliamentary Caucus in the national assembly walked out.

They said the

The SPLM in Opposition and members of the international community criticized the creation of the states, saying it was against the peace agreement.

The National Alliance of opposition political parties also sued the government, asking the court to stop implementation of the order and declare it invalid.

move did not follow the right procedures.

Days after the amendment, the Speaker of the National parliament, Manasseh Magok Rundial relieved five chairpersons and two deputy chairpersons of their duties in the Specialized Committees in the parliament.

Full list of all governors of the 28 states:

  1. Hon. Achiso Loluko Malik – Imatong State
  2. Hon. Luis Lobong Lojori – Namorunyang State
  3. Hon. Africano Monday – Maridi State
  4. Hon. Joseph Nyigele Pacifo – Amadi State
  5. Hon. Patrick Rafael Samoi – Gbudwe State
  6. Hon. Augustino Jadala Wani – Jubek State
  7. Hon. Juma Ali Malou – Terekeka State
  8. Hon. David Lokonga Moses – Yei River State
  9. Hon. Elias Waya Nyipuoch – Wau State
  10. Hon. Ruay Deng – Aweil State
  11. Hon. Rizik Hasan Zacharia – Lol State
  12. Hon. Deng Deng Akuei – Aweil East State
  13. Hon. Bona Panek Biar – Twic State
  14. Hon. Abraham Gum Makuach – Gogrial State
  15. Hon. Akech Tong Aleu – Tonj State
  16. Hon. Rin Tueny Mabor – Eastern Lake State
  17. Hon. Abraham Makoi Bol – Western Lake State
  18. Hon. Monydeng Majok Mel – Gok State
  19. Hon. Dr. Nguen Monytuil – Northern Liech State
  20. Hon. Taker Riak Dong – Southern Liech State
  21. Hon. Mayol Kur Akuei Ruweng State
  22. Hon. Philip Aguer Panyang – Jonglei State
  23. Hon. Dr. William Othon Awer – Western Nile state
  24. Hon. Chol Thon Balok – Eastern Nile State
  25. Hon. James Kok Ruai – Western Bieh state
  26. Hon. Peter Bol Kong Ngoth – Eastern Biech State
  27. Hon. Peter Lam Guoth – Latjoor State
  28. Hon. Baba Beda Konyi – Boma State

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