26th May 2024
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Justice Ministry to Arrest Uncooperative Heads of ‘Dura Saga’ Companies

Author : | Published: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Justice Ministry has warned that the contracted Dura Saga companies who misused billions of Sudanese pounds will face justice, but those that are in the clear will be paid.

The ministry has formed a committee to investigate into the misappropriation of public funds in 2008.

Billions of US dollars worth of contracts were signed by the Ministry of Finance with some fake companies to deliver the grain to the ten states as government’s response to the hunger in the region.

The grain, locally known as Dura, was supposed to be sold to the hungry population at a low price and the money remitted to the ministry of finance.

However, many individuals secured the contracts with fake papers, claiming to be companies and ended up getting away with hundreds of millions of dollars without any grain delivered to the states.

Addressing reporters on Tuesday, the minister of Justice, John Luk Jok, said the amount taken is half of what was reported earlier:

“It has been said that it was 6.3 billion but out of the report this amount has been reduced to 3.6 billion South Sudanese pounds. They have come out with two categories of companies: the white list and…. the black list.”

Hon. Jok said “the real serious problems are in the black list.”

Black list 1 consists of 266 suppliers with missing documentation; they claim over 657 million pounds.

Black list 2 consists of 497 suppliers with “very severe issues.” They have been paid over 345 million pounds without contracts and there are no files that link the payments to this claim.

John Luk added that he will issue arrest warrants should any company fails to appear before the investigation committee:

“If they hear themselves being called over the radio…and they do not appear, we shall issue warrant of arrest for those who are managing these companies. Nobody will be spared – no sacred cows.”

President Salva Kiir has made fighting corruption a priority.

He has called for government officials to return estimated 4 billion dollars stolen money to the government account.

However, no official has been arrested or tried in South Sudan for involvement in corruption.

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