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Journalists told to simplify provisions of the agreement

Amb Augustino Njoroge, the JMEC deputy chairperson - File Photo

The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission has told journalists to simplify provisions of the agreement when publicizing stories to the public.

JMEC Deputy Chairperson, Augostino Njoroge says this will provide help dispel misinformation and rumors among the common people.

Ambassador Njoroge also calls on the media to encourage the citizens to express themselves and share their expectations on the peace process.

He was speaking during the closing of a two-day training of journalists on the Khartoum peace agreement on Friday.

“To your vital task to shine a light on the peace process, enabling you to explain in a layman’s terms the complicated and akin language of politics and diplomacy. I want you to establish and adhere to a level of objective truth and avoid the modern trend of appealing to emotions.”

The training was organized and supported by Journalists for Human Rights and JMEC.