4th February 2023
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Jonglei Seconds Community elders-Yau Yau Talks

Author : Rose Awut | Published: Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jonglei state government says the proposed talks between Murle community leaders and David Yau Yau will be the key to get the rebel leader to lay down arms and hold peace talks.

Murle community leaders have previously tried to get Yau Yau to end his rebellion, but have never held face-to-face talks with him.

Jonglei Deputy Governor Hussein Maar Nyuot said the involvement of all Murle community leaders may help bring peace in the state:

“They’re asking for permission from the State Government and the President to be given a chance to continue persuading Yau Yau to accept the amnesty by the President of the Republic, like any other group that were holding out but now have come in.”

Last month, David Yau Yau’s rebels captured the town of Boma, but government forces quickly recaptured the important town.

The then SPLA rebels took control of Boma in 1985 and held the town until the end of the war, in 2005.


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