24th July 2024
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Govt must fulfill promise of liberation struggle to restore public trust: Activist

Author: Emmanuel J. Akile | Published: Saturday, June 15, 2024

Rajab Muhandi, a member of People's Coalition for Civil Action speaks to the media in Nairobi, Kenya on Thursday, June 13, 2024. (Photo/Lou Nelson/Eye Radio).

A delegate to the ongoing peace talks in Nairobi said South Sudan’s transitional government must deliver on the aspirations of struggle for independence in order to reclaim the lost trust of citizens.

Rajab Muhandis – a member of the People’s Coalition for Civil Action – said he believes the people’s trust on the leaders to deliver service has been broken.

He said the need for the Nairobi peace process is an evidence that political leaders have failed on several occasions to implement agreements they have signed and committed to implement.

Muhandis adds that the South Sudanese people need more commitment from their leaders if the country is to prosper.

“From when our flag was hoisted at independence, we had a common culture and common aspirations for a just, free, and prosperous nation, and we gave our leaders all the trust and confidence they needed to deliver that nation,” he said.

“I think by now, from the perspective of the citizens, that trust and confidence we vested in our leaders to deliver that country for us has been considerably fractured and destroyed.”

“It is the reason we are sitting here in Kenya today to try to build that trust on confidence to the deliver the we aspired when we voted for independence.”

Muhandis further said the PCCA is a civil rights movement that is not looking for positions in the ongoing Tumaini Initiative.

“We are a civil right movement and so we are not pursuing political power, our purpose of being in this process is to ensure that it helps to deliver the South Sudan our people want.”

The activist also encouraged the transitional government to provide conducive environment for internally displaced person and refugees “to find ways to go back home, in peace and dignity and to resettle and to rebuild their lives.”

“So the PCCA is here to work with the political leaders from the transitional government of national unity and the leaders of the opposition, together to ensure that they respond to the call of the people and help to restore peace and hope for the people of South Sudan.”




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