7th February 2023
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Forgive Kuel Aguer to exemplify your Christmas message, Kiir told

Author: Lasuba Memo | Published: Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Kuel Aguer Kuel | Credit | Courtesy

Activist, Edmund Yakani has called on President Salva Kiir to release detainee Kuel Aguer Kuel to exemplify his recent Christmas message to the citizens to ‘forgive’ one another.

The former Bahr el Ghazal governor has been in detention for nearly four months now without trial.

He was arrested after he had signed the People’s Collation on Civil Action that called for a nationwide protest and the resignation of the unity government.

In his message on Christmas Eve, President Kiir called on the citizens to preach peace with vigor, give unconditional love to others.

He also asked the public to demonstrate willingness to forgive those who ill-treated them in the past.

It is on this basis, that Edmund Yakani said he appeals to Kiir to mean his word by pardoning and freeing Kuel Aguer.

“As you are closing 2021, and you are opening the page for 2022, I know some people might have wrong the nation, that the same message statement you made, we urge you to exercise it in your speech,” Edmund said.

“Can president, with due respect, and honor, and on medical, and humanitarian basis, I take this opportunity to ask His Excellency, the President, can he release the detained former governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal whose health is bad?

“Please let’s have the willingness to forgive him, and allow him to join his family and cope up with his life.”

According to the code of criminal procedure 2008, a person arrested by the police as part of an investigation may be held in detention, for a period not exceeding twenty-four hours for the investigation. Members of the Public have expressed dissatisfaction with the overall performance of the Unity government.

Kuel Aguer has not been the only activist faced by the regime.

Following his detention, several activists were forced to flee the country and the organization they worked for were reported closed and their bank account frozen.

Edmond also calls on President Kiir to reopen those organizations.

“For our colleagues in the civil society whose organizations have been closed, I’m urging the president that they should be opened like the Sudd Institute. So these individuals do not represent institutions,” Edmund said.

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